As what Teresia has been talking about in various forums .The vision of Heritage of Faith and Hope Childrenís Home came about in way of obeying our vow ďGod bless us and we shall touch and transform a life of a needy personĒ

In the beginning of the year 2002, Joseph & Teresia identified a needy group of boys and girls who were sleeping and living in the streets of Nairobi near the office where they used to work with an insurance company.

Teresia started cooking for these young ones praying with them and trying to build a relationship with them.

Their needs then were food, clothing and shelter. After feeding them for some months, we identified the most needy cases and especially those who were total orphans.

After they agreed to be taken out of the streets and be kept somewhere for rehabilitation, we relocated 38 of them at a place called Athi River which is an outskirt of Nairobi †where we found a 12 roomed facility which we could be able to maintain in paying rent.

This is when we started the process of Registering the Charitable Childrenís Institution (Heritage of Faith and Hope Childrenís Rehabilitation Centre) as per the law of Kenya authorizes.

As we had stated there before, the need then was food, clothing and shelter. We also needed a few staff who could assist in rehabilitating them and putting in them a sense of responsibility.

By then not many knew about what we were doing apart from a few who were very close to us. We were therefore using our little resources.

We thank God for Mr.Eliud Mambo of Ambassador Development Agency who is also a very close friend of ours and also our mentor in various areas.

When we were in dare need of beddings Eliud brought his friends,(Dr Michael and Kay Johnson) who brought some mattresses, blankets and bed sheets which were enough for the number of children we had by then (46).

In the year 2003, Teresia was invited to attend a Partners Worldwide Conference in California where she was supposed to share her testimony on how we started our meat business and later on childrenís home. After Mr.Rod Huisken and his wife Char Huisken whom had met Teresia in 2001 at Chicago heard about the vision of Heritage, they became interested in earring more and God gave them the burden of partnering with Heritage of Faith in the feeding of the children at the orphanage.

The Rod Huiskenís family therefore started donating US Dolars 2,000 being 50 % of the feeding then.

†Note: By then we had 50 orphans under our care and 38 of them were admitted in a local public primary school where they were given classes according to each oneís ability.

There were others who joined some vocational training where they undertook various courses.

In the same year, the needs of taking some children to high came up and therefore we look the first eight students to various high school schools.

Since we did have the money to pay school fees, we started talking to various friends who started to know about Heritage of Faith and what we were doing.

A few of them came forward and supported us in this exercises. To date, most of these young ones have graduated from various universities and colleges with various degrees and Diplomas.

By and by, the local community i.e. companies, religions, organizations and some family members started visiting the childrenís home and therefore the issue of feeding and clothing has not been a major challenge although sometimes the cost of living in Kenya has been a challenge.

In the year 2005, the family of Rod Huisken visited Heritage of faith for the first time and found that the facility where the children were staying was so much congested because the number of the kids had increased.

By the Grace of God Rod decided to relocate the children from a 12 roomed facility to a 33 roomed one where he continued to pay for the rent and at the same time sending the money he used to send there before for feeding.

At the same year (2005), our Local Authority through the Mayor and his team allocated Heritage of faith a 3 acre piece of land where Rod Huiskenís Famly visited.

Heritage of faith had also started a Christian based primary school and our children were relocated from the public primary school to our Heritage of Faith Christian School.

By then, the challenges of Heritage of Faith had shifted from feeding and clothing to education because we had to employ qualified and trained teachers in our school and the number of those who were joining high school was growing year by year. Therefore, most of our resources have been going towards education because this s the only gift one can be able to give to these children so as to be self-reliant in future.

As we speak today a number of them are now earning for their living and thus give them a hope and future.


In 2004

8† (1 boy & 7 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2005

6 (2 boys & 4 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2006

3 (1 boy & 2 girls)

Joined hgh sch

In 2007

9 (5 boys & 4 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2008

6 (3 boys & 3 girls)

Joined hgh sch

In 2009

9 (5 boys & 4 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2010

6 (4 boys & 2 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2011

8 (5 boys & 3 grs)

Joined high sch

In 2012

10 (5 boys & 5 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2013

5 (3 boys & 2 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2014

10 (7 boys & 3 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2015

7 (4 boys & 3 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2016

7 (5 boys & 2 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2017

15 (8 boys & 7 girls)

Joined high sch

In 2018

6 (2 boys & 4 girls)

Joined high sch

TOTAL†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††† †† 70 Boys & 65 Girls

GRAND TOTAL†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †† 135 children

To date, we have a total of 85 other children from the orphanage who are in primary school.


Currently, 11 girls and 5 boys have graduated from various universities/colleges with various degrees and diplomas and most of them are now employed where they are earning for their living which is giving hope to the other children behind them.

11 more (7 boys & 4 girls) are currently in various universities/colleges taking different Degree/Diploma courses.

All the above children who could not have seen inside of a classroom have been able to access education through the support from various friends and well-wishers of Heritage of Faith.

Physical Development

After the allocation of the piece of land, God brought men and women of good will to us both Local & International and through their support, we are able to start this wonderful hostel where children feel proud to live in although it is not complete.

The children were relocated from the rental premises to this place in Oct 201.

The family of Rod Huisken and Suzzane Broetj were very key in raising the funds of this building and Rodís family have continued to have a big concern on how the building can be completed

At the same time the Rod Huiskenís famiy has been paying for the school bus which is transporting the children from the orphanage to the school on monthly installments of US† Dollars 1,100.

Others partners came forward to drill a borehole which is giving enough water both for our daily use and for irrigation.

Having water on the ground, some income generating projects like the 2 green houses were initiated through some donations from 2 families (Wendy & Ruth family together with Glen Knop family) at the same time, through some donations, we have been able to keep some dairy cattle which are providing milk both for domestic use and for sale.

Maranatha Christian School from Canada also donated some money to start a poultry project which is providing eggs and meat also for domestic use and for sale










Thanks to those who have donated funds to this project because a part from transforming the lives of the needy children and especially orphans, Heritage of Faith has also created employment to the following number of people:

a)      19 trained teachers and 4 non-teaching staff in our Christian school.

b)      5 supportive staff in the orphanage

c)      2 irrigation farm attendants

d)      2 animal farm attendants

e)      2 guards (Day and Night)

Total†† 32 workers who are able to provide for their families through the vision of Heritage of Faith.


Currently, our major area of need is the high cost of high school/college fees for the big number which has continued to join both high schools and colleges where the estimates are as follows:

         Annual high school boarding fees and upkeep @ Kshs.69,000 (US Dollars 862.5) per student

         Annual public university fees, hostels and upkeep @ Kshs.80,000 (US Dollars 1000) per student

         Feeding, Clothing, Medical care and running cost of our primary school.



NOTE: We have already started the school using some rooms of the hostels and that community has shown great interest of bringing their children to us going by our firm Christian foundation which many local schools do not provide.

It is in this position that we are inviting other partners who can come forward and partner with the vision of Heritage of Faith which is to give home and hope to orphans and vulnerable children by transforming their lives through giving them love, care, protection and above all giving them quality education which will enable them to be self-reliant in future.